Assessed as Top 50 in 2 domains

TAU retains 101-200 overall ranking in WURI Global Innovative Universities 

As an affirmation of its footprint in the local and global communities, the World Universities with Real Impact (WURI) ranked Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU) in the 101-200 bracket for the 2022 edition released on 9 June.

Dubbed as one of the world’s most innovative universities, TAU was evaluated by the Hanseatic League of Universities using a number of critical factors such as industrial applications, value-creating traditions, social responsibility, student mobility and openness, crisis management, and fourth industrial revolution. TAU was further appraised by dissecting the effectiveness, implementability, and impact of its strategic programs.

In his message during the flag raising ceremony, TAU President, Dr. Max P. Guillermo, congratulated the TAU stakeholders for their contributions in maintaining the institutional performance of the university. “Next year, we will try to build upon this accomplishment and attempt to be in the Top 100,” Dr. Guillermo declared.

Improving on its performance last year, TAU leaped to rank 32 in the Student Mobility and Openness category besting all Philippine higher education institutions (HEIs). TAU was previously placed in number 39 in 2021.

Dr. Christine N. Ferrer, Director of External Linkages and International Affairs, attributed this to the initiatives of the university that target optimum student participation and revitalized internationalization engagements. “We will continue to reach prospective partners beyond Asia. This is part of our pledge to bring the world closer to every TAU student,” Dr. Ferrer stated.

Meanwhile, TAU also made it to number 46 in the Fourth Industrial Revolution criterion. TAU’s entry, Global Discourses Series in AI, Engineering and Technology,, was commended for paving the way for the popularization of agriculture through digital technology integration.

More and more HEIs are joining WURI making it more competitive, especially for those from less-developed countries. North American and European universities still outperformed their counterparts but Asian HEIs are catching up fast.

Minerva University, an exclusive private university in San Francisco, California topped this year’s list. It was followed by four more American universities, namely Arizona State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, and University of Pennsylvania in the overall top 5.

Text by Mr. Jerome L. Duque

Poster by Mr. John Paul Q. Gordovin

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