Service Hours

                Monday to Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

                Saturday                7:30 AM to 5:00 PM

                NO NOON BREAK

Note: The Library is closed during Sundays and Holidays. Library service stops 20 minutes before the regular closing during Fridays to enable the library staff members to check records and arrange the collection in preparation for the next week’s routine and to be able to participate in university’s flag-lowering activity.

Circulation Services

                The Circulation Services is the loaning (lending) and receiving (returning) of borrowed reference materials after being borrowed for room use or overnight or more.

Room Use

                Library users are allowed to borrow all library materials, when intended to be used inside the university library.

Overnight Use

                Materials from the General Circulation and Filipinana Section can be borrowed for overnight to be returned on or before 12:00 noon the following day. Materials from the Recreational Reading Section, on the other hand, can be borrowed for 7 days.

Reference Services

                Reader services encompass both fact-finding and material finding aspects. The fact finding aspects relates to locating answers to reference questions, whether in connection with academics or purely for personal interest; material finding involves literature searching and locating the sources of information required by a client. The latter services are rendered for those working on research papers, or developing a subject or making an investigation.

Library Orientation

                During the orientation, participants are introduced to the following topics:

                    a. Library personnel

                    b. Library rules and regulations

                    c. How to use the card catalog/ OPAC

                    d. Different sections of the library

                    e. Available library services  


                TAU students and employees who want to avail of the resources of other libraries are given referral letters and recommendation of libraries that can provide the resources they need. This service is extended upon request.

Academic Assistance

                Library users may consult the college librarians regarding bibliographic citations, authenticity of a specific material and the specifications of the copyright law.

Chat reference

                Students, employees and outside researchers can ask questions related to the library services and resources online thru the library’s Facebook page.

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

                Users can easily locate the materials they need or find related materials available in the university library since the bibliographic information including the location of all library materials such as books, manuscripts, and e-resources are available at the database.

Scanning and Photocopying Service

                Scanning of portions of library materials are accepted in the library with minimal charge. Students are also allowed to check-out materials (except manuscripts) for 1 hour for photocopying purposes.

Newsletter  and Facebook Page

                The “Pagiwarnak” serves as the official newsletter of the library while the Facebook page, serves as the online version of the library bulletin boards. They contain library activities, book reviews, news items on the library and other materials of interest to the university community.