SMART Agriculture Center forges ties with seed, fertilizer companies

In a bid to carry out a vegetable derby and harvest festival and promote urban agriculture showcasing high-value vegetables, the SMART Agriculture Center tied-up with four agricultural firms through a ceremonial signing and planting on 22 September.

Representatives from Allied Botanical Corporation, Enviro Scope Synergy, RAMGO International Corporation, and Texicon Agri Ventures Corp. affirmed their commitment by signing an agreement with Dr. Max P. Guillermo, President of Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU) and Engr. AB P. David, Regional Coordinator for High Value Crops Development of Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office (DARFO) III.

Highlighting the pivotal function of smart agriculture during his message of support, Dr. Guillermo shared that maximizing the potential of modern technologies will contribute to optimization of farm productivity.

“In today's world, agriculture faces numerous challenges, from climate change to the growing global population's demand for food. Our responsibility as an agricultural institution is to find solutions to these challenges, and that's precisely what we are doing through smart agriculture,” Dr. Guillermo stressed after commending the partnership TAU has established with its new cohorts.

Meanwhile, Dr. Amy Lizbeth J. Rico, Manager of SMART Agriculture Center, said that the Smart Agriculture Center's greenhouses will serve as the designated planting spaces for the vegetable derby. Each greenhouse will be allocated specific crops like bell pepper, red cherry tomato, red and yellow onion, green cucumber, and lettuce.

Training sessions will also be conducted for participants, TAU students and farmers from Tarlac, prior to the competition.

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Article | Mr. Jerome L. Duque [External Linkages and International Affairs]

Photos | Mr. Jayson J. Elenzano [College of Engineering and Technology]