US Peace Corps to send volunteer expert to TAU, leads on-site inspection

Article by Mr. Jerome L. Duque (External Linkages and International Affairs)

Photos by Mr. John Paul Q. Gordovin  (External Linkages and International Affairs)

The Philippine arm of the United States (US) Peace Corps, in coordination with the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA), will endorse a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) to Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU) this August 2023. 

To facilitate the entry of PCV, Mr. Milosil E. Cruz, Response Program Coordinator of Peace Corps Philippines, engaged in a dialogue with Dr. Christine N. Ferrer, Director of External Linkages and International Affairs (ELIA) and coordinated an on-site visit of TAU’s housing facilities. 

Mr. Cruz, together with Dr. Ferrer, also paid a visit to officials managing the Farmers’ Training Center (FTC), TAU-AgriTourism Hostel, and the university dormitory to discuss the PCV’s accommodations during the ten-month residency at the university.

This is only the third time TAU will host a PCV. Upon formal acceptance, the PCV will be working under ELIA and shall be tasked to link TAU to colleges and universities, funding agencies, and research institutions in the US and promote multilateral collaboration with some of TAU’s flagship projects.

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